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  • Cigars and bones, early morning fishing at the entrance to Pearl Harbor.

    When I think of some of my best times on the flats, more than just snap shots of fish and places come to mind.  In particular, it’s more a movie, or series of events all running in front of the backdrop of fantastic locations, sights and sounds.  Add the smoke of a good cigar carried […]

  • Boca Paila Fishing Lodge: Yucatan Bonefish and Margaritas, think warm.

    It’s cold, real cold.  Cold and snowy, wait cold and now rainy.  The best of everything, cold and wet.  The ice in my glass seemed to be warmer than the weather.  Sipping tequila and thinking about warm tropical places, my mind traveled a long way, across el Caribe to the Yucatan.  The Boca Paila Fishing […]

  • Another great film

    This tells the tale of seeking giant bonefish French Polynesia.  No luxury here, bring only what you can carry.  What a great trip, a true flats expedition.  This is one for any zen bonefisher’s list.

  • One of the great vids

    Tapâm – a flyfishing journey from tapamthemovie on Vimeo. Here’s one of the best videos I’ve seen. These guys fit the zen bonefish spirit, blazing new paths in fishing.

  • Destiny II, the coolest trip I’ve ever been on….so far

    Standing on an creek flat somewhere on Cat Island, I waited as the tide began to ebb off the flat into the creek and out to the ocean.  Rich assured us bones would show up as the tide changed.  So smoking my cigar looking around the completely untouched flat and watching for fish, I thought […]