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  • Be Prepared

    Be Prepared

    The tides were right, wind and weather too. I was on the kayak heading out to catch the afternoon incoming. I was thinking about tarpon, but in my mind I knew the the grass flats near the tarpon ground might hold redfish, even though I had not seen them on the times I fished that […]

  • Yet another reason to love fishing…

    So I’ve been away from the salt for a little while. Since the last time I wrote I’ve been on the kayak, scared some small tarpon, hooked four of them, landed three. The cost was one smart phone (on a side note, the life proof works… I watched the screen sink into the darkness a…. […]

  • Summer Tarpon, story continues

    Summer Tarpon, story continues

    When tarpon roll, there is subtle disturbance, not a great ripple like following a barracuda strikes at a school of baitfish. The tarpon slips out of the water, takes in a breath of air and slides back into the water there is little more than a distinctive gulping sound and a small ripple left as […]

  • Keys Summer Tarpon

    The tarpon is one of the greatest fish that swims past the Florida Keys. Annually thousands swim past, around and through the warm, tranquil waters in one of nature’s great animal migrations. These creatures have made this journey since the oceans receded and exposed the Keys. Since the 1800s anglers from around the world travel […]

  • A good way to fish the Lower Keys

    Drew Gregory fishes with Randy Morrow from Lower Keys Kayak Fishing demonstrating that kayak fishing is a great way to chase bonefish, tarpon and permit in the Keys. Kayaking allows you to get close to the fish and get into very tight places that other boats can’t access.  In the Keys Backcountry wading can be […]

  • Reasons to fish the Florida Keys

     It’s the Florida Keys The birthplace of modern flats fishing. The pioneers of the sport fished here first, even going back to the early greats like Zane Gray. I figure if it was good enough for Zane Grey (read the Bonefish Brigade) and Lefty Kreh, then it’s good enough for me.   Its near by: […]

  • Chasing Tarpon from a Kayak

    Coming from New England I learned about the whaling ships and the tales of sailors in long boats being pulled across the sea by a harpooned whale. A “Nantucket Sleigh Ride” is the term the whalers used. A typical whale boat held a crew of six, one steering, one on the harpoon and four men […]

  • Stories from Big Pine Key; Going to Church

    I went to Church this morning.  Perhaps it was the nun from high school English who compelled me to go.  In this case, however, my church is the one that Tom Brokaw talks about.  “If fishing is a religion, Fly Fishing is high church”.  And so it was today.  I got up and headed to […]

  • One of the great vids

    Tapâm – a flyfishing journey from tapamthemovie on Vimeo. Here’s one of the best videos I’ve seen. These guys fit the zen bonefish spirit, blazing new paths in fishing.