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  • When Trade Winds Shift

    On a typical day in May, there are the normal trade winds from the southeast. These blow, usually between five and 15 knots and help keep the climate bearable as the temperature rises. One grows accustomed to this pattern, particularly if you are inclined to be on the water. For a backcountry fisherman, this means […]

  • Be Prepared

    Be Prepared

    The tides were right, wind and weather too. I was on the kayak heading out to catch the afternoon incoming. I was thinking about tarpon, but in my mind I knew the the grass flats near the tarpon ground might hold redfish, even though I had not seen them on the times I fished that […]

  • A good way to fish the Lower Keys

    Drew Gregory fishes with Randy Morrow from Lower Keys Kayak Fishing demonstrating that kayak fishing is a great way to chase bonefish, tarpon and permit in the Keys. Kayaking allows you to get close to the fish and get into very tight places that other boats can’t access.  In the Keys Backcountry wading can be […]

  • Don’t watch this video

    Special thanks to Scott Heywood and Bjorn Stromsness for ruining my Thursday.  As a fan of far flung tropical angling adventure, this film is certainly worth watching.  Alphonse Island is truly on the edge of the world, and these guys cover some great aspects of the fishery.  Some would say I wasted an hour watching […]

  • Boca Paila, from zero to hero

    From the bow of the skiff, staring into the water. Luciano, my guide, quietly directing my vision to a dark spot in front of the boat. There, the spot moves, a black spike rises above the surface. “Palometa, 40ft cast now!”, Luciano says. Cast now, cast now he says, I can barely stand up.  Permit […]