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  • Boca Paila Fishing Lodge, still one of the greats

    Putting it all together in Boca Paila is a trip worth taking.  Located way off the beaten path in the Sian Ka’a n Biosphere Reserve, Boca Paila Fishing Lodge served as my base of operations for chasing Yucatan Bones.  The spot couldn’t be more perfect.  Every morning, I watched the sun rise over the Caribbean […]

  • Boca Paila, from zero to hero

    From the bow of the skiff, staring into the water. Luciano, my guide, quietly directing my vision to a dark spot in front of the boat. There, the spot moves, a black spike rises above the surface. “Palometa, 40ft cast now!”, Luciano says. Cast now, cast now he says, I can barely stand up.  Permit […]

  • Boca Paila Fishing Lodge: Yucatan Bonefish and Margaritas, think warm.

    It’s cold, real cold.  Cold and snowy, wait cold and now rainy.  The best of everything, cold and wet.  The ice in my glass seemed to be warmer than the weather.  Sipping tequila and thinking about warm tropical places, my mind traveled a long way, across el Caribe to the Yucatan.  The Boca Paila Fishing […]