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  • Petition to help Hawaii’s Bonefish

    I’ve got a special place in my heart for Hawaiian Bonefish or O’io as the Hawaiian’s call them. There is a move to give them gamefish status in Hawaii. This would make it illegal to net bonefish and I think it’s a good idea. There are a couple of articles out there about this, and […]

  • Cigars and bones, early morning fishing at the entrance to Pearl Harbor.

    When I think of some of my best times on the flats, more than just snap shots of fish and places come to mind.  In particular, it’s more a movie, or series of events all running in front of the backdrop of fantastic locations, sights and sounds.  Add the smoke of a good cigar carried […]

  • Early morning fishing in Hawaii

    Early morning on the flats is the Vatican mass for the bonefisherman. This quite time before dawn is the time when hope and possibilty are champion. The day has yet to be tainted by blown casts, broken leaders and spooky fish. The very early morning produces some of the best fishing. This is one of […]