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  • Save the Barracuda (Update)

    Save the Barracuda (Update)

    Once vilified and feared, the Great Barracuda is now a popular game fish here in the Keys and often saves the day during winter fishing.  These fish are often the go to species when the weather gets cold and keeps the bonefish and permit off the flats.  Guides as well as recreational anglers can sight […]

  • Is Red the new Gray?

    Over the past few trips into the back country, I’ve noticed a lack of the grey ghost and a surprising number of redfish.  The redfish stocks appear to be doing better but the bonefish as still having a hard time. Does this mean that decline in the grey ghost will being filled by redfish?  Will […]

  • Good work Key West!

    Yesterday the citizens of Key West clearly stated they did not want to widen the channel coming into Key West. Good for them. They decided that protecting the already threatened ecocystem was more important than putting a few more cruise ship passengers on Duval St. I’m glad they chose not to take the other route. […]

  • South West Florida Snook

    The no take ban on Snook in South West Florida will expire in September this year. I think that this is a bad thing. I’m no fisheries expert, but maintaining a species as catch and release appears to be a good thing over the long haul. There is a petition to extend the ban. Please […]