Author: Ernie Ferraresso

  • A good way to fish the Lower Keys

    Drew Gregory fishes with Randy Morrow from Lower Keys Kayak Fishing demonstrating that kayak fishing is a great way to chase bonefish, tarpon and permit in the Keys. Kayaking allows you to get close to the fish and get into very tight places that other boats can’t access.  In the Keys Backcountry wading can be […]

  • Good news for Florida’s reefs

    Some encouraging news for South Florida’s reefs in the Sun Sentinel.  While there is still a great deal to do, this indicates all is not lost. Preserving the reefs and surrounding inshore environment is an important part to maintain and improve the flats ecosystem. Although there is some debate about the Everglades Restoration project, this […]

  • Reasons to fish the Florida Keys

     It’s the Florida Keys The birthplace of modern flats fishing. The pioneers of the sport fished here first, even going back to the early greats like Zane Gray. I figure if it was good enough for Zane Grey (read the Bonefish Brigade) and Lefty Kreh, then it’s good enough for me.   Its near by: […]

  • Don’t watch this video

    Special thanks to Scott Heywood and Bjorn Stromsness for ruining my Thursday.  As a fan of far flung tropical angling adventure, this film is certainly worth watching.  Alphonse Island is truly on the edge of the world, and these guys cover some great aspects of the fishery.  Some would say I wasted an hour watching […]

  • Good work Key West!

    Yesterday the citizens of Key West clearly stated they did not want to widen the channel coming into Key West. Good for them. They decided that protecting the already threatened ecocystem was more important than putting a few more cruise ship passengers on Duval St. I’m glad they chose not to take the other route. […]

  • Chasing Tarpon from a Kayak

    Coming from New England I learned about the whaling ships and the tales of sailors in long boats being pulled across the sea by a harpooned whale. A “Nantucket Sleigh Ride” is the term the whalers used. A typical whale boat held a crew of six, one steering, one on the harpoon and four men […]

  • Stories from Big Pine Key; Going to Church

    I went to Church this morning.  Perhaps it was the nun from high school English who compelled me to go.  In this case, however, my church is the one that Tom Brokaw talks about.  “If fishing is a religion, Fly Fishing is high church”.  And so it was today.  I got up and headed to […]

  • Back after a long time….

    It’s been a while since I waded this flat and several tides have ebbed and flowed.  I figure that I should start back where I started, with the Walker’s Cay Chronicles.  Fortunately the good folk at Hells Bay Boats have done a great public service and bringing back several episodes of the fishing classic.  Just […]

  • Guest Post for Do It Yourself Bonefishing

    Originally posted on Do It Yourself Bonefishing:
    Thanks to Ernie Ferraresso of Bonefish Zen for his “guest” blog about a wonderful trip he took with his Dad last fall.    He and his father visited Inagua and fished with the only guide on the island Ezzard Cartwright (242-339-1362).  Though not a DIY destination, to see…

  • Petition to help Hawaii’s Bonefish

    I’ve got a special place in my heart for Hawaiian Bonefish or O’io as the Hawaiian’s call them. There is a move to give them gamefish status in Hawaii. This would make it illegal to net bonefish and I think it’s a good idea. There are a couple of articles out there about this, and […]