I am Ernie Ferraresso. I’m a die-hard flats fly fisherman. I blame Flip Pallot and The Walker’s Cay Chronicles for lighting the fire of flats fishing. Growing up on the New England coast, I’ve been fishing my entire life but was constantly looking for ways to head to the tropics. I finally found a way in 1992 and went to college in Miami, Florida. While I didn’t do any fly fishing, I spent much of my time diving and fishing South Florida and the Keys. In mid 2004 I really started chasing bones while living in North Carolina. At that time I purchased my first fly rod outfit and was teaching myself how to throw bugs at bass in the local lakes. I dedicated my spare time to getting good enough to fish the flats and in the spring of 2005 caught my first bonefish on a trip to the Florida Keys with my Dad. Even though that bone probably went about 1.5 pounds, I’ve been an addict ever since. It wasn’t until spring 2007 that I would catch my next bonefish. The beauty of that one was its location, Hawaii, and I caught it on my own. Now I spend anytime not spent with the family learning to become a better flats fly fisherman.

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  1. Hi Ernie

    My name is Rod Hamilton and I own the website Do It Yourself Flatsfishing (www.diyflatsfishing.com) .

    I am putting together a free week for industry writers at a new bonefishing lodge in the Bahamas and wanted to send you the information.

    Could you send me your email and contact info and I will forward the details to you.


    Rod Hamilton

  2. Hi Ernie; Just got back from the trip to the Long Island Bonefish Lodge with the writers group I was telling you about. Wonderful group of guys, great lodge but the weather dealt us a nasty blow. Fishing turned out okay toward the end of the week. I can now officially say I can’t turn over a fly in 35 mph winds.

    • Rod,
      Sorry I missed the trip, even if the WX was bad. The old adage is true, a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work. And if it’s any comfort, being able to cast into 35mph wind is just like David Carradine being able to snatch the pebble from the master’s hand in Kung Fu. I think only two other anglers have been able to active that level of casting skill.

      Welcome back

  3. Great stories, Ernie! I enjoy reading them, so keep it up. Let me know when you start guiding, as I friends that come your way to dive/fish. S/F Neal

  4. Big E! Brendan B showed me the site the other night while toasting your name a few too many times. Great site and great writing. Need to fly down soon for some spearing and you can school me on the fly rod.

  5. Ernie,

    Love your work, do you have an email address I can contact you at? Going to be spending a week in the keys fishing and smoking cigars. Wanted to see if I can send you some cigars for some friendly advice on how to catch a few bones…


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