Do It Yourself Bonefishing, a review

Rod Hamilton is an interesting guy. A former professional something or other, but that is not important, what is important is what he does now. Rod is living the dream, for the past several years he’s spends three to four months traveling around the Caribbean chasing bonefish. I don’t know if he calls it research for tax purposes, but he’s found a way to share his knowledge with the rest of us who are still bound to a desk thinking about tropical flats and sliver tails.

Do It Yourself Bonefishing is a planning guide for your own flats expeditions. Adventure fishing, angling expeditions, or maybe a truck stuck in Amazon, if you think about these, this is a perfect item for seeking inspiration for the next fishing expedition. His book is like a map sold to you by someone in a “Singapore Saloon”, showing you the way to El Dorado. Through his descriptions and instructions, Rod’s book gets you fired up to seek adventure on the flats. Rod takes the reader from the mind-set, planning, and packing, to practicing and fishing, all important tools and techniques to successfully plan and make a trip.

Do It Yourself Bonefishing lays out like a how to book, but quickly grabs the reader and brings them on a fishing trip to some far tropical place with Rod as your fishing buddy. In true adventure fishing fashion, Rod starts by imparting fishing wisdom and techniques needed to prepare for an expedition into the unknown. Casting, equipment selection, flies, packing lists, what clothes to bring are all included. What comes next is something more in depth. Rod beings to discuss when to go, and where to go, and then he gets into mysterious how to part. Finally he takes us to five different countries to over 300 fishing spots.

It’s these spots that make this book great. Rod violates one of fishing cardinal rules and tells us about his favorite spots. Normally, that would be a problem, but add the difficulty of walking in on Bonefish, and his spots are pretty safe. Also, most of these spots are on some remote island in the Bahamas or in the Yucatan, so the average weekend warrior isn’t going to frequent them. The locations are specific enough to get you to the flat, and point you in the right direction, but still require you to get out on the water and explore for yourself. Rod gives you enough inspiration to get you out the door and once you are there, it’s up to you, but that is what the DIY adventure is all about.

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