Good news for Florida’s reefs

Some encouraging news for South Florida’s reefs in the Sun Sentinel.  While there is still a great deal to do, this indicates all is not lost. Preserving the reefs and surrounding inshore environment is an important part to maintain and improve the flats ecosystem. Although there is some debate about the Everglades Restoration project, this project and the reports about the resilience of the reef are encouraging. Not the time to slack off and rest but continue to do more.

Florida has some of the best inshore and flats fishing in the world, and although these reports are signs of hope, Florida’s coasts are still being targeted.  Recently a local judge lifted the constitutionally directed gill net ban demonstrating some poor judgement.  The net ban has probably done more to protect the inshore fish species than many other programs.  The ruling has since been overturned and the net ban is still in effect.  This is just an example of even though Bonefish,Tarpon Trust states that recreational fishing in the Florida Keys is a 1.4 billion dollar industry, the preservation and smart management of the resource is under threat and requires vigilance.

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