Back after a long time….

It’s been a while since I waded this flat and several tides have ebbed and flowed.  I figure that I should start back where I started, with the Walker’s Cay Chronicles.  Fortunately the good folk at Hells Bay Boats have done a great public service and bringing back several episodes of the fishing classic.  Just the opening sequence gets me going.  I mean, Chalk’s Seaplanes, the music and Flip laying it out about far reaches of the globe and angling adventure, come on!  What kid wouldn’t get excited by that.

What better way to get started again then reminding yourself of what got you going in the first place.  I’m in the process of changing jobs and moving, heading south to a warmer climate.  As I make this change and head to a different location, I think of it as heading to another promising flat.  Hope springs eternal.

Well, there it is.  Starting again.  Fortunately, Flip Pallot and his stories are there to remind me of all the adventure that is possible when fishing and in everyday life.

One response to “Back after a long time….”

  1. Hi Ernie, nice to hear from you again. Hope you are ending up where you can get some fishing in.

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