Guest Post for Do It Yourself Bonefishing

Here’s a guest post that I did for Do It Yourself Bonefishing.

Do It Yourself Bonefishing

Thanks to Ernie Ferraresso of Bonefish Zen for his “guest” blog about a wonderful trip he took with his Dad last fall.    He and his father visited Inagua and fished with the only guide on the island Ezzard Cartwright (242-339-1362).  Though not a DIY destination, to see Inagua through the eyes of Ezzard is indeed a pleasure.

As the small boat eased to the beach, we hopped over the side, up the beach and into the tree line.  We moved quietly along a trail made by some sort of unknown wildlife.  Winding our way through the brush, the jungle parted and before us was what we were looking for.  We seemed part of an expedition looking for El Dorado but we weren’t looking for the lost city of gold.  We trekked thorough the jungle looking for  hidden flats full of Bahamian silver, fabled to hold  some of the most exciting…

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