Life Lessons from the ghost

Home of the bones
Classroom for life-lessons?

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Chasing bones on the flats, you can do everything right; show up on the right tide, have the best looking fly, make the perfect cast and watch the fish cruise up to the fly and…and…just turn and swim away. But, you make another cast, you move to another flat, change to another fly and do it all again, with the chance for the same result. You keep trying until one time the fish hits it and remember why you showed up. And that makes it all worthwhile. What can be learned from this? Can these translate to other things in life? I think so. Chasing bones on the flats is a complex pass-time. One could argue that if there is no guarentee that you’ll catch a fish by making the best cast, chosing the right fly, being in the right location, why bother to study and practice? Others might argue that since there is no guarantee of catching, why even go? These are some of the questions I’m going to take a look at. What drives someone to chase bones and can I make some link to it assisting in normal life. If anyone has any insights, I’m eager to hear them.

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