Just do it

In striving for bonefish zen, perhaps the best advice is do it now. Just go fish….don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. While you are there take time just to enjoy it. Time on the flat is like a good wine, or great art. There are so many levels to appreciate it on. So make the time and go.

3 responses to “Just do it”

  1. Hi,

    Just found this site (by the purest kind of luck) while searching for pics of bonefish to pirate and turn into a logo for a friend. It’s SOOO good to see another site dedicated to not only saltwater, but bonefish. Being a blogger yourself you might have noticed that there are very few blogs out there for fly fishing that are about salt, much less strictly bonefish. http://www.bonefishonthebrain.com is one that you should definitely link to, if you ever start a blogroll. I started my own blog a couple years ago and it’s been a blast, mostly meeting cool folks that drop by and leave comments.

    Here’s mine, while I love the fact there’s no boring fish porn on here, you should consider a few pics just to set the scene. Not necessarily fish, or even the flats, but (having been to Oahu) I know there’s lots of cool stuff you could shoot and post.

    Anyways, good luck and I’ll keep checking in here.

    • thanks again, I added the links. Appreciate the comments. The tough part for me now is I’m living in Germany, a long way from the flats. So, I figure to sit out on the mountain and think about bonefishing philosophy. If I can’t be on the flats, at least I can think about the flats.

  2. Good on ya! I look forward to following along in you mental bonefish space. I am in the same boat; I usually guide bonefish but am currently stuck in Illinois, USA, desperately far from any bonefish flats. My only escape is blogging and reading other blogs.

    Tight lines.

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