Early morning fishing in Hawaii

Early morning on the flats is the Vatican mass for the bonefisherman. This quite time before dawn is the time when hope and possibilty are champion. The day has yet to be tainted by blown casts, broken leaders and spooky fish. The very early morning produces some of the best fishing. This is one of the axioms of fishing. I’ve heard this notion is dying. Well, I’m here to tell you, if you don’t get up early to fish, you are missing a part of what makes fishing great. I’m not known for being an early riser, but in Hawaii I routinely woke up at 4 30AM on the weekend just to hit the flats before sunrise. On the right tide, I’d see dozens of large bones tailing just as the sun came over the mountains. What a sight! Seeing these large fishing shallow water is enough to get anyone’s blood flowing, and I would be there alone, no one else in sight. Just me and the bones, Mano a fin. On the right tide, the show would last for a couple of hours. These few hours would often be the best fishing of the day. Not just because of the bonefish, but also because of what the entire experience represented. Me, alone on the flats, with nothing but my skills and the early morning quiet. It produces one of those religious experiences. I’ve got to agree with Tom Rosenbauer’s Orvis podcast, don’t miss out on the dawn patrol.

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