Destiny II, the story continues

We did a four hour open ocean crossing to our first flat. The spot, an uninhabited island with an enormous creek system throughout it’s center, is something that out of Treasure Island. We anchor in the lee at the mouth of the creek. It was later on in the afternoon, too late and wrong tide to fish but we take the zodiac ashore to scout out the next days fishing. As I walk along the exposed flat, alone, I’m in awe of the tranquility of this place. This flat is why I traveled a quarter way around the world.

This trip continued to impress me with each flat we fished. At Rich’s request, these flats will remain un-named to protect the innocent. Far away from my usual life, the first stop is about a million miles from the rest of the world. Pristine, untouched, virgin describe it. If there wasn’t a small light to mark the island, you might think the only other people to walk here were the Arawak and maybe Columbus. If the internet is right, the incoming tide would bring in the bones. Against conventional thought I wade far up the creek into the heart of the system, more interested in exploring the island. This mangrove system is home to countless birds, and I count over a dozen egrets and a couple of osprey. These birds are uninterested in me, probably because they’ve only seen a few people during their time. I finally make my way to a good spot to stake out for fish. The others are set up closer to the mouth of the creek, and have been for a while. While that day didn’t produce fish, just being there is worth it all. The day’s fishing over, we headed back to the main island to get ready for the next days fishing.

The next three spots held numerous and landing them by yourself is it’s own reward. In the end I l caught three, one being the first bonefish landed by a “normal” customer. What a great trip. Fishing this way is the what it’s all about. Off on your own, reliant on what you have learned, the success or failure of the day rests squarely on your own shoulders. If this sounds like your type of action, alone, unafraid, just you, your skills and the bones, give Scott Heywood a call and ask about Destiny II.

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