In the beginning…

So what’s this all about?

I started out like most, a real techie gear head.  I figured the way to catch fish was to get more gear.  The more rods the better, lime green flies shaped like aliens, sure.  This went on until I could not carry my mix of kit anywhere.  As Frank Costanza said “there has to be a better way!”  And so Bonefish Zen was born.  I began stalking the Hawaiian flats with a small box of 3-4 flies and an extra leader and tippet material.  What a difference!  I began to think about the mechanics of casting, the importance of tides, how the bonefish behave, what they eat.  I started to fully enjoy just being on the flats, focused on the fish and the fishing.  All of this had little to do with getting more flats packs, gadgets and accessories and more about utilizing and improving the tools and skills you had.  My objective is to fully experience Bonefish Zen on the salt water flats. I hope you’ll join me on this adventure, and share your experiences as we go.

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